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Sailing & Windsurfing Courses

All of our courses are practically based and any theory required is usually carried out on the water. Children can learn alongside adults as the material covered is broadly the same.
We can also teach people of different levels at the same time; so if some people in your family or group are more experienced than the others, don't worry, you can still learn together.

The topics taught during each lesson will depend upon the wind conditions and are adapted to the ability of each student.
Log sheets are used throughout the courses to track the student’s progress. Our courses follow the RYA syllabus.

We break all our courses into 2 or 3 hour lessons; all lessons are private.  These lessons can be booked each day, every other day or once a week.  
We normally run two lessons per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, starting at 11am and 2pm respectively

Windsurfing Courses

Windsurfing is taught in warm shallow water with no more than four students to one instructor.  We take you in our power boat to a shallow sandy bay away from swimmers and other obstacles so that you can hop on and off the board easily and take a break whenever you need it.  

The courses available are: Learn to Windsurf, Start Windsurfing (Level1), Intermediate Windsurfing non-planing & planing.  Coaching sessions are available for those who wish to advance further or do not wish to take a set course.

Sailing Courses

Novice sailors will be taught in a boat accompanied by an instructor with no more than three students to one instructor. More advanced sailors may be taught in single handed boats.  

The courses available are: Learn to Sail, Basic Sailing (Level 1) and Better Sailing (Level 2).  We provide coaching sessions if you require more advanced instruction or you wish to work on specific skills.

Youth Courses

We teach children to sail or windsurf from the age of 8. We often teach children as part of a family group with both adults and children learning together.  The children's courses we provide follow the RYA syllabus and are Stages 1-4.  The skils required line up with the adult Level 1 & 2 courses.

For dinghy sailing we normally require that children aged 12 and under are accompanied by an adult for sailing lessons as this ensures we have sufficient crew weight and extra strength on board in case the wind picks up.

Beginner Courses

Learn to Sail - 8 hours

Learn to Windsurf 

These courses are great for those who are on holiday and wish to get a taster of either sailing or windsurfing.  The course is made up of 4 lessons which can easily fit into a week's holiday but still allow plenty of time for other activities

Get a grasp of all the basic procedures required to sail or windsurf including tacking and gybing and be able to sail in any direction regardless of the wind direction.

Level 1 - 12 hours

Sailing or Windsurfing

This course is ideal for those who wish to take up sailing or windsurfing as a hobby and want to get a to a level which is equivalent to the RYA Level 1 course.  The course includes both practical and theory.

In this course you will learn how to prepare your windsurfer or dinghy for the water, sail efficiently and safely in any direction and return to shore. You will also begin learning how to avoid and recover from difficult situations.

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate 1 - 12 hours

Windsurfing Non-Planing

You will improve your windsurfing technique by learning better ways to tack and gybe. You will also learn to improve your balance and control.

You will also learn about the Fast Forward method of windsurfing, which will enable you to improve your technique as you practice.

Level 2 - 12 hours

Better Sailing

You will improve your sailing technique and learn to deal with various situations which you may encounter as you sail such as; recovering from capsize and picking up a person who has fallen overboard.

You will also learn about the Five Essentials of sailing, which will enable you to improve your technique as you practice.

Intermediate 2 - 12 hours

Windsurfing Planing

You will now develop your technique further by leaning how to use the harness and footstraps.  These will enable you to control the board in higher winds and start to plane.

You will also improve your tacking and gybing to cope with stronger winds and be able to tack and gybe using the harness. 

Coaching Sessions

Sailing or Windsurfing

We find that those who already have RYA Level 2 and wish to improve their skills further have a variety of different goals which do not necessarily match a specific course syllabus. We therefore offer coaching sessions which can cover a wide variety of topics and concentrate on the specific skills you wish to learn or improve.

Our coaching sessions are a great option if you haven't been out on the water for a while and want to brush up your skills or you just need to spend some time in the water to increase your confidence.  Each coaching session lasts for 2 hours.

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All teaching is based on the RYA Syllabus

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