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La Manga & the Mar Menor

La Manga (in English "The Sleeve") is a strip of land which separates the Mar Menor (Small Sea) from the Mediterranean. The Mar Menor is approx 18 km long and 10 km wide and it's waters range in temperature from 12 degrees in the winter to over 30 in the summer. The waters are non-tidal and shallow which is why it becomes so warm in the Summer.

The Mar Menor is the perfect location for all types of watersports whether it be Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing or Kayaking. Dinghy Sailors can enjoy a huge sailing area which is surprisingly under-utilised; windsurfers can learn in shallow waters until they gain their confidence and kayakers can explore areas which are inaccessible to other craft.

Average High Temps

for the Mar Menor

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Air & Water Temperatures

Temperatures are coolest in the morning gradually rising throughout the day as the land heats up. For this reason it feels much hotter at 4pm than it does at 1pm. During the summer the temperature does not start to drop until about 8pm.

We don’t tend to notice the heat as the coolest place to be is out on the water!

Activity Times & Weather

We run our activity sessions in the morning and afternoon. Morning sessions normally run from 11am-1pm and afternoon sessions from 2-4pm. Three hour activitiy sessions start at 10am (morning sessions) or end at 5pm (afternoon sessions). We run our activities during the middle of the day as the wind conditions tend to be more consistent.

Wind conditions can vary significantly from morning to afternoon threfore if you are taking a course it is a good idea to vary the time of your lessons so that you experience different conditions. On some days it is very still in the morning and very windy in the afternoon, other days are much more consistent throughout the day. For further information see the section on wind below.

For further information on weather and climate see weather archive data from Weather Online.

Mar Menor Wind

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Wind Strength & Direction

The predominant winds in the area are the Levante (ENE) and the Lebeche (SW). We have approximately 4/5 days of Levante and 2/3 days Lebeche each week.

Levante Winds tend to be fairly constant all day.  They normally start at a F3 in the morning rising a few knots to a low F4 in the afternoon. These winds come off the Mediterranean Sea are generally stable and non gusty.

Lebeche Winds can increase from nothing to F6 within the day. They rise over the hills of the Calblanque and come rushing down over the waters of the Mar Menor. These winds can be hot, shifty and gusty, they must be treated with respect!

A normal Lebeche wind will start with F2 or less, it will gradually rise to F3/4 in the middle of the day and by 4pm it will usually be F5. Some Lebeche winds are gentle and never reach more than F4, others go crazy and reach F6 or more. We can usually predict from to the forecast and what happens earlier in the day, how high it will go. We will not let anyone out on the water if we do not think it is safe.

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All teaching is based on the RYA Syllabus

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