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Motor Boating

Relax and explore the Mar Menor in our motor boat "Piraña"; you can also learn to drive the boat.

Motor Boat Trips

We offer 3 possibilities for our boat trips: a mini trip, a half day and a full day trip.

During the boat trip will head out to explore the Mar Menor and its islands. We will stop for swimming and snorkelling (we have snorkelling gear available). The route of the trip will be determined by the wind direction on the day and the length of your trip.  We can take a SUP board or kayak along with us so that you can enjoy some other activities while you are out. We also offer Donut Rides which we offer at half price during boat trips.  You can also get instruction on how to drive the boat from Julian who was a RYA Power Boat Instructor for several years.

You can take drinks and snacks with you on the boat. If you take a full day trip we can stop at a beach café for lunch or you can have a picnic on the beach.

Power Boat Lessons

Get out and explore the Mar Menor while learning some power boating techniques from Julian who is an experienced power boat instructor.   Activities can include, rescuing a man overboard (not a live one!), approaching a mooring buoy, controlling the boat safely at speed, slow speed manoeuvres and anchoring.  If you took your RYA power boat qualifications years ago and need to brush up your skills this could be the ideal opportunity.  These lessons are suitable for adults or children from age 12.

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Motor Boat and Kayaking Trip
"We had a lovely afternoon kayaking whilst the youngest followed us in "Bob" (the motor boat) more than ably skippered by Julian. We crossed the bay to Deer Island, had some fun in the mud and after a bite to eat, swam before heading across to another bay for some family snorkelling fun.  The trip was enjoyed by 9 people; 5 adults, one teen and three children aged 6-11."

Multi-Activity Trips

We can combine activities on a motor boat trip for example if some of your group wish to kayak and others want to take the boat we can organise a joint trip.

If you book a Multi-Activity Package you can now substitute any of your multi-activity sessions for a motor boat session. You can either take a trip or have a lesson or have a combination of the two!

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All teaching is based on the RYA Syllabus

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