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Stand Up Paddle

SUP is great fun and a great workout.
You don't have to be super fit... come and give it a go!

Stand Up Paddle / Paddle Boarding

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a relatively new sport, it is great fun and provides a good workout at the same time. It combines some of the techniques used in Pilates to strengthen your core muscles but it is also a great all over workout. You don't have to be super fit to try it as we can tailor the session to your fitness and ability.  The maximum group size for SUP is 7 but groups of up to 16 can take part in combined activities.

SUP was first developed by surfers in Hawaii and then spread to windsurfers who wanted to get out on the water when there was no wind. By removing the windsurf sail and using a super long paddle they developed a way of getting about and controlling the board while standing up.

SUP Introduction

We provide a 2 hour introduction to SUP this includes some instruction and practice off the beach then (when you are ready) we will head out on a short trip. Once you have completed this initiation you should be able to rent our SUP equipment. For groups which include younger children we will organise activities and games so that even the youngest members of the group can get involved.

You can book a SUP Introduction as a stand-alone lesson or as part of a multi-activity package.

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"We had a superb couple of days kayaking and paddle boarding ! We found some very interesting ways of falling off our boards and drank half the Mar Menor but still roared with laughter ! Excellent tuition was provided with such good humour."

Kerry, Dena, Dani, Karen, Raine, Maria, Pat and Sandra xx

Who Would Enjoy SUP?

SUP can be enjoyed by almost anyone providing you have a reasonable sense of balance. For groups of adults and older teenagers we can teach you the basics and then take you on a short excursion. For family groups with mixed ages we can organise games and activities so that everyone can take part.

We do provide a brief introduction to SUP in some of our windsurfing classes as it helps to improve balance and we often do this with children. When we do this we normally play games like racing around buoys or chasing rubber ducks! We have super lightweight small paddles for kids.

Our Equipment

We use our beginner windsurf boards for SUP - we have 3 different styles - wideboards and long boards which are great for beginners and lightweight boards which are suitable for those who have good balance. Each board type has slightly different characteristics; the wideboards are very manoeuvreable, the long boards are faster and the lightweight boards provide a combination of these charateristics.

You can now buy specialist SUP boards which are very similar to our lightweight boards. They are great when you have a bit of experience or when the water is nice and flat, however get a bit of wind and chop on the water and our heavier beginner boards are a better option.

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All teaching is based on the RYA Syllabus

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